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You've reached the website of Adam Borowski, a web (though not exclusively) developer. You can find him on github and keybase.

Adam Borowski - web developer


JavaScript Engineer@ Automattic(12.2019+)

Senior Front-End Developer@ Netguru(06.2018-09.2019)

  • Developed a system of webapps for a large German fintech company.
  • Developed a highly interactive, bespoke data visualisation chart for World Economic Forum’s Sustainable and Impact Investing Initiatives.
  • Led React part of the development of a design system for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, (which was eventually open sourced).

Front-End Developer@ DaftCode(12.2015-04.2018)

  • Led a three people front-end team building a project management webapp.
  • Developed multiple landing pages for products.
  • Developed a department-wide template for all frontend projects.
  • Developed several internal apps and microservices built on Node backends.

I mostly used React and Redux, but also helped with server-side ruby (Ruby on Rails) code when it was needed.

Freelance web designer and developer(2014+)

Freelance graphic designer(2013-2014)

Created flyers and brochures, as well as posters for a film distribution company.


Writing code at the speed of thought! Or voice! Or dance?@ Enthusiasticon(25.05.2019)

In this talk, I've explored some (perhaps) ineffectve but definitelly interesting ideas for human-computer interaction. Did you ever ponder using your whole body instead of only fingers for programming?



JavaScript (ES6+)reactreduxwebpackrollupCSS/RWDHTMLTDDgitnpmFlow

fluent enough

nodeexpress.jsAWSWordPressbashsshDockerREST APIsAdobe PhotoshopSketch


ElectronRubyRuby on RailsUnityElmC#Arduino


Participant@ Recurse Center(08-09.2016)

The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers in New York City. During my batch, I've developed a spaced-repetitions webapp, an online pong game, dabbled in cryptography, and learned a lot about functional programming.

Bachelor of Art (Media Arts)@ Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw(2011-2014)

As my graduation project I've developed a website for browsing through my grandfather's photography collection along with his spoken commentary.


English - fluent
French - conversational
German - beginner
Polish - native speaker


Apart from web development, I'm interested in cryptography, functional programming, and history.